Welcome ! Find here the film music works of David

Jorda-Manaut, composer and also piano, bass and pianica

player : animation, documentary, short films, cineconcerts,

but also orchestral and chamber music...

and more !

As an introduction to my music, you can watch down below the animated short


by the Atelier de Sèvres of Paris

directed by Mathilde Poigniez.

It was a honor and a pleasure for me to write the soundtrack for this short !

This film was screened at the Aguilar Film Festival 2019 (Spain) and at the Animafest Zagreb 2020 (Croatia), and will also be part of the So French ! selection of the next Poitiers Film Festival, which will take place from November 27 to December 4, 2020. We wish this movie the best of luck !

Anyway, enjoy your visit !

All music (c) David Jorda-Manaut. All rights reserved.
All film clips are the property of their respective authors.
PLEASE NOTE: All music is protected by the SACEM. ANY use of my music MUST mention my name. THANK YOU !

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